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The new Maremà shopping center opens in Grosseto

  • The center comprises a shopping mall with 44 shops, 7 midsize stores (GLA of 17,110 m2), a hypermarket (GLA of around 7,000 m2 - sales area 4,200 m2) and 5 midsize stores outside the mall, and an Enercoop brand gas station
  • IGD will invest around €47 million, including ancillary charges,  in the shopping mall (payable year-end)
  • Pre-letting  at almost 100%
  • Point of reference for a catchment area of more than 160,000 people
  • Last  generation asset with strong focus on environmental impact


Grosseto, 26 October 2016. The Maremà Shopping Center in Grossetto will be inaugurated tomorrow, 27 October 2016, at 10:00 a.m..



Maremà promises to be an important point of reference for shopping with a mall that covers a gross leasable area (GLA) of 17,110 m2 comprised of 44 shops and 7 internal midsize stores offering a range of products that meets almost all consumer needs as part of a unique shopping experience. Inside the shopping center there is also an Ipercoop with a 4,200 m2 sales area (GLA 7,030 m2), which will continue to be owned and managed by Unicoop Tirreno; there will also be 5 midsize stores outside the mall, an Enercoop brand gas station and a parking lot with 3,000 parking spots. 

This new shopping center will provide the Maremma region with both an unprecedented space and a meeting place where visitors can spend their leisure time shopping, socializing and enjoying unique experiences: more than 1,500 m2 dedicated to restaurantsfeaturing local specialties, but that’s not all (il Bistrot with Tuscan cuisine, Acqua e Farina, Fish Express, Wave Bar, Alice Pizza Fruit Bar Chiquita, La Piadineria, Sushi One, America Graffiti).  Inside the mall visitors will find a vast range of merchandise and premiere brands dedicated to meeting the shopping needs of the whole family: Inditex Group (Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka, Pull&Bear),Decathlon, Piazza Italia, Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Librerie Coop, Douglas, Kiko Make Up, Alcott Premium and others. The midsize stores will house other important brands like OVS, Euronics, Scarpamondo, Andreini Giocattoli, Arcaplanet. 



Great attention was paid to environmental impact and choices were made to reduce the energy consumption of the center, like the installation of solar panels on the roof, the use of LED lighting both indoors and outdoors, the use of highly energy efficient and last generation materials (including natural), storage tanks for gathering rainwater to be used inside, in addition to stations for charging electric cars. The Maremà Shopping Center, in fact, participated in theCommonenergyproject which focuses on enhancing the energy efficiency of shopping centers throughout Europe: near the main entrance there are two stations for charging electric cars which are part of an innovative charging system fueled by the solar energy panels installed on the roof. This is an innovative solution for sustainable mobility which puts Maremà at the forefront of environmental friendly practices and sustainability.

The center is easy to reach from the historic heart of Grosseto by bicycle thanks to a new bike path.



IGD will invest around €47 million, including ancillary charges, in the mall found inside the Maremà Shopping Center. The investment is in line with the Business Plan 2016-2018 and the Group continues to be committed to the other projects (extension of ESP in Ravenna, development of Officine Storiche in Livorno, extension and restyling of Porto Grande in Porto d’Ascoli, and of Gran Rondò in Crema). The mall will be added to a portfolio of 21 shopping malls already present in Italy.

Claudio Albertini, IGD’s Chief Executive Officer stated: “The mall of the Maremà Shopping Center,found in an area that is particularly relevant, as well as a region that is viewed as strategic for us, has excellent commercial, technical and financial/economic features. The Center promises to become a point of reference, dominant in its catchment area, and for this we are very satisfied with the acquisition.  This transaction reflects our strategy to invest in select geographic areas and is in line with the business development called for in our Business Plan 2016-2018”.



The Maremà Shopping Center represents a great employment opportunity:the shopping center is expected to provide more than 500 jobs.

Of particular importance is the involvement of the local educational community, beginning with the Shopping Center’s logo  which was designed in partnership with the” L. Bianciardi” Secondary School of the Arts where students competed in the design of the Maremà brand. The student who designed the winning logo, Raffaele Dongiacomo, is part of class 3A of the graphic arts division which will be officially awarded a prize on Thursday, 27 October, during the inauguration ceremony and will receive gift certificates for school supplies. The logo selected is comprised of an “M” and an “A”: two intertwined figures that play with the colors blue and yellow, colors that represent the sun and the sea of the Maremma region.

But that’s not all: the Leopolda II di Lorena Secondary School, where today’s press conference is being held, was involved in a few of the inauguration’s eno-gastronomic details like making the cake that will be shared with center visitors: Chocomondo, the cake made of Coop brand fair trade products (cane sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder and dark chocolate) and organic ingredients (milk and eggs) will be the dessert offered at the inauguration of the new Maremà Shopping Center, while more cakes will be left in the Ipercoop’s pastry department during the center’s upcoming events.  

Completing the local synergies is the“Like for life”initiative promoted through the Center’s Facebook page which resulted in two defibrillators being donated to the Istituto Comprensivo 5 in Grosseto, as well as to the Leopolda II di Lorena Secondary school.



In order to celebrate the opening of the shopping center with its visitors, Maremà has organized a rich  4-day (27-30 October) schedule of events together with the local community.

It will all start with the ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, 27 October, which will be followed by a toast and cake.  The inauguration will be enriched by the performance of the chorus “Le donne di Magliano”, directed by Carla Baldini. With a view to involving local schools, a few of the activities will be carried out with the invaluable collaboration of the city’s two music schools: the Polo Bianciardi Secondary School of Music and the Leonardo da Vinci Middle School. There will also be performances in the mall by a few local artists, including the folk singer Emanuele Bocci, the guitarist David Domicili and the accordionist David Vegni. At 11:30 a.m. the Librerie Coop bookstore will host the writer/screenplay writer Antonio Mazzini, author of the year’s best seller “7/7/2007”. Dance will then be in the spotlight, thanks to the partnership with the Bulli & Pupe School of Grosseto which will perform hip-hop, zumba and an original show put on by a group of country cowboys.  The events will be broadcast live on Grosseto’s historic radio station, RTB, which will provide the center with entertainment through Sunday.
Subsequently, particularly on Saturday, the 29th and Sunday, the 30th, the entertainment will continue with different guests, including the dance school  Bulli e Pupe and the arrival of a ship in the mall where children can have fun celebrating Halloween with a group of crazy pirates.  On Sunday, the 30th, Tony Esposito and Gianluca Sciortino will also give a mini live show in the Maremà Shopping Center.




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